Professional Marathon Trainer

Joanna Sayers

Nice to meet with you all. I have been successfully working as a professional Marathon Trainer. 

15 Years Of Experience As A Personal Marathon Trainer

Marathon running is not only crossing the finish line, it is more likely staying fit always, eating habit and self confidence. Working with a trainer who possesses experience with marathons could be a big plus. I can help to get a marathon runner’s body into great shape. I design the workout training to support a marathon runner’s unique goals.

What I Offer For Staying Fit?

Nutrition Coaching

The meals should be include vegetables, protein, fat and fruits.

Lose Weight

The secret to weight loss while training for a marathon is to achieve a caloric deficit.

Cooking Resources

For successful Marathon training low-carb diets may provide some immediate weight loss

Sports Nutrition

You should eat a full meal about four to six hours before your run. It is very important.

Balance Body Mind

The focus of the goal can then shift to holding a good rhythm.

Recent Training Guides

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