Accessories of Riding Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower is a type of mower where the operator sits. This is unlike other mowers where the operator tows or pushes the mower. Riding mowers look like small tractors and are larger than push mowers. On most occasions, they are used to cut large lawns.

A riding lawn mower operator should wear hearing protection, eye protection and heavy footwear because of the engines. Most riding lawn mowers use gasoline as a source of energy unlike other mowers which use electricity.

Below are some of the most common accessories you should use with a riding lawn mower.

Lawn mower leaf bag

The riding lawn mower leaf bag is used as a collection system for garbage and leaves. Most bags are made with polyester fabric and have drawstring clips. The clips enable the operator to collect leaves easily. When the bag is full, it can be disconnected easily from the collecting system and the leaves emptied.

When purchasing a rising lawn mower leaf bag, the operator should ensure the bag doesn’t come into contact with the hot exhaust. Most bags have the capacity to hold up to 54 cubic feet of leaves, have a circumference of 20 inches and take a very short time to install.


YardRack is used by riding lawn mower operators to reduce stress and back pain. Also, the YardRack enables one to become more organized by stirring some tools in a more secure way. When using the lawn mower, urgent tools like rakes, shovels and hoses are a must. A YardRack helps you store such objects and do more outdoor activities why less thinking, wasting less energy and less hard work making the process fun.

Also, the rack ensures you will be more safe since you will use your both hands to steer the wheel- you no longer have to use one hand for trick driving. The attachment works best for activities like pulling weed, spreading much, planting gardens, cutting firewood, clearing trails and planting grass.

Magnetic hitch pin

The magnetic hitch pin is used for attaching utility carts, tillers, sweepers, spreaders and hitching rollers on a riding lawn mower. Unlike traditional hitch clips and pins which corrode, get loose easily and get lost, the magnetic hitch pin is secured in place and doesn’t corrode.

It can be used to unhook and hook different attachments on the mower. It is strong enough to be used in dusty, icy, muddy and wet conditions over a long period.